Renala T'Iavay

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Renala T'Iavay
Alias None
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 363
Birthdate December 3, 1821
Birthplace Serrice, Thessia
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 166cm (5'6")
Build Skinny
Hair ???
Markings None
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Sky-blue
Occupation Redrock Agency Sysadmin
Relationships Aeyna T'Rea (Daughter)
Steve Briggs (Close Friend)
Status Active
Player Gisle
"All I want is for this crap to be done so that I can start fixing things."
Renala T'Iavay

Renala is an asari matron working at Redrock Agency.


Her skin has a sky blue color. She has no facial markings. Her crests have a bit rough, but symmetrical, texture. Renala is a matron, and looks the part, some skin on the sides of her face having a bit of a texture similar to the crests. Furthermore, she is not an exceptionally tall asari, standing only at 166cm / 5'5". Renala is not primarily a combatant, especially not since her matron stage began, and thus she's quite skinny for an asari.


Early Life

Renala was born and grew up in a small town two hours' skycar drive from Serrice on Thessia to two asari parents. The common disdain for 'purebloods' like herself was prevalent in her early education, and she ended up with very few close friends. While it made her opt out of social events early on, she grew out of it as others grew out of their childish expressions of prejudice.

The early reclusion made her take an interest for technology, and more than one appliance at home met their end at her hands. It was only when she received her first omni-tool that this destructive streak ended – mostly.

To her parent's dismay, the calm Thessia life bored her as she got of age. At sixty years plus one day, she was out of asari space and en route to Omega. She was aware and pessimistic about the dangers, making her watch her step and cover her tracks early. She alternated working simple jobs and making use of her technical skills.

Settling Down

Eventually, the matron days were around the corner and the compulsion to settle down had begun to set in. Renala dusted off her ancient university degree and took a few more years of study to refresh it and add to it with money saved up during the later maiden years. That's where she met Nalena, who was at the time working as a recruiter for the Armalian tech company T'Rea Software Solutions.

Raising a child was very trying on their relationship. They had a very different perspective on raising a child. While Renala wanted to steel her against the hardships of growing up as a pureblood – even teaching her the basics of biotics at a very young age –, Nalena wanted her to be careful. An episode of lashing out against a classmate marked an upheaval in their relationship and Nalena wanted Renala out of the child's ifluence. It was an emotional overraction that Renala failed to calm. A divorce was bound to happen, and it did.

Renala's life in Armali fell apart after that. Calling it a mid-life crisis would be an understatement. The only constant is Aeyna, whom she still talk with on a regular basis.

A New Beginning

She quit her job and wanted to just get away for a while before she would give the matron's life another consideration. Not being a maiden anymore, she decided to stick to a middle ground. Settling down somewhere, while also looking for something to do with her life for the time being. First stop, Aite.

She rented a room at Miner's Respite once she arrived in the small spaceport town Freedom Falls. She thought it would be temporary, a small stop on her way to finding a new purpose, but it would turn out to be anything but. In the early days, she was hanging around the bar, meeting new people and making friends. Out of these, she mostly remembers Galatea, Steve Briggs, Iressa T'Selvos and Fera'Sel, though all but Steve have slowly but surely drifted away from her over the year.

Salvage Job

There was one problem, though, Renala was running out of credits and had no real plans for the future. It's not often a matron could end up in such a situation, but it wouldn't be far off to liken it to a midlife crisis. Nonetheless, the problem was there and she had to find a solution to it. She went along with her recent acquaintances to visit Hnipinn Minerals to look for a job. The receptionist referred Renala to another company who is managing their digital infrastructure, but she also let them know about a salvage mission that she needed a crew on. A mining team has gone missing in the mountains, and having some guns on their side could prove useful given they do now know the circumstances of their disappearance.

Renala, Steve and Fera'Sel signed up for the salvage mission, and met up the next day. It was a bad job with little information, and it could be a number of things that caused the mining crew to lose contact. Renala did not have much luck procuring equipment, and aside from a pistol holster she looked just like when she was looking for work the day prior. They didn't end up bringing back much, and their pay was set very low accordingly.

Redrock Agency

They needed a better plan if they were going to continue doing this, because there is no way she is going to sustain herself that way. Steve told her about Redrock Agency just before she was leaving to go see her daughter on Thessia. He said that it was a freelance agency that had just set up in town, and that he was going to apply there first; due to a personal medical experiment, he didn't get to that in time.

She showed up early in 2185 along with Steve, a very grumpy turian and Kim to conduct a group interview where Jason and the senior — relatively speaking — employees. The interview went well for her, especially with Steve putting in the good word. She did eventually get the offer.

She was looking forward to easy security work looking after businesses and places like the spaceport, but the first job was an assault on a band of smugglers. Despite the unknowns and some injuries, the job went well. She also was there for the altercation at the Miner's Respite that followed it, but at least there she came out unscathed.


The next big mission was not a gentle step up, but the job itself was not her biggest concern at first. That was the new hires Redrock Agency had picked up: Maria likely still held a grudge against her, and Alex and Vaden seemed very inexperienced and immature. However, Steve was also on their team, and he was someone she could trust to watch her back. She tried instructing Alex how to use her programs after adapting them to run on her omni-tool.

They arrived at the mine and found out quickly that this was not a simple case of comms failure or pirate attack, and it went out of control fast. Renala and Steve had to go back after Jasper lost the shuttle, then the creatures attacked. One of them tore Renala's helmet off, and she would have been done for if not for Steve's getting it off her. To this day, she is still unnerved by dark doorways because of this.

The mission continued like this, with more horrors awaiting them and the situation only getting worse. They lost some people while they searched for survivors, and would have lost Vaden too if Renala's suggestion of leaving as soon as they were able was heeded. She admitted as much to the salarian afterward, though, which caused some tension between them.

Renala went home to Thessia a short time after the job was over, which Jason was none too happy about when he saw her at the Miner's Respite a few months later. She wasn't as involved in the day-to-day maintenance of Redrock Agency's security system back then.



Renala is not much of a combat tech. She cannot conjure drones in the middle of a fight, hurl fireballs or zap people. She sees that as a waste of electricity that's better spent on the things that needs to be done when the fight is over.

Communication, networking, and finding weaknesses, that is her zone. She knows that all it takes is one weak link and whole thing could be hers. The asari spends countless hours honing her tools, discovering and trading weaknesses, and on Aite she can also get far picking low hanging fruits from the public security disclosures.

In addition to tearing down others' systems, these skills also translates mostly into an ability to build and maintain them. She spent decades on Thessia in a software consultancy firm, where she got to develop these skills.

She also has an interest in the things closest to the metal, from bringing old devices back to life to building them with whatever junk she can find on the market. That's mostly how she spends the downtime while waiting for something to fail or a recording of data to be complete.

Renala acknowledges that she's not able to keep up with the ever growning list of resourceful enemies that Redrock Agency is accruing, especially considering one of them just kicked the Collectors' ass.


Her biotics are powerful enough to get the job done, and has the diverse range one could expect for a combatant that has come out of the other side of a maiden stage spent almost entirely on hostile worlds. However, she'd stand no chance against someone with proper military training and discipline. Even if muscle memory stands the test of time well, her time on Aite hasn't been enough to completely bring her back to where she was before.

Renala can do a good throw that can even knock a heavier target off their feet, but other than that she has not practiced much with telekinesis at range or with anything heavier than a component or tool just out of reach.

The asari can make a strong warp field, that would be fatal for an unprotected target. However, the sheer brutality of it means it sees little use as Renala reserves it for when she really means it. One exception to her reservation is that she can use it for breaching as it weakens materials and reacts with other fields..

In an emergency, Renala can pull off a decent barrier bubble, but it tires out the asari very quickly. A perceptive biotic will notice this inefficiency. It was more typical of her to be inside such a bubble in the past than the one holding it up, which is what sparked her to learn how to do these herself. Since coming to Aite, Renala has only put these to use a few times; one of these times being to protect Cross and a receptionist from terrorists.

She can also do a decent stasis field, as Victoria got to learn on the mission to retake her ship. She can only use it on one target at the time, however.

Renala know how to do a singularity, but she learned that late and hasn't really had the time to practice it before leaving that life behind with the maiden stage. It can disrupt even a heavy target and get them off their feet, but it's not the solar system of flailing mercs it ought to be.


Renala knows her way around small arms, and can fire with reasonable precision at short and medium range. She's useless at long range, however.